Tapash Radhekrishna

Tapash Radhakrishna was born on 3rd October, 1975 at Simulguri, a small town of Shibsagar district of Assam, India. He was born to a very humble and devotee parents Late Gangapada Roy and Late Nimita Roy. He spent only a few years of his childhood in his birth place and then moved to a place called Mariani, a small town of Jorhat district of Assam, India. His father was a Railway employee and was transferred to Mariani junction where Tapash was born and brought up. Since childhood his interest laid in classical music, art and classical dance. He was always active in the field of music, dance and art. It all came to him without any training and guidance. But music made its special place in his life. So, he started learning classical music and he for his true happiness in singing and composing songs. He dedicated his life to music and being a follower of the Bhakti Culture, he finds solace in singing devotional songs. He has been a teacher for many years and he taught Bengali Literature and Philosophy. But he later started teaching Classical music as well as his true interest laid in it. After the demise of his parents he found relief in devotion and music and he decided to spent the rest of his life practicing music and following the devine path of the Lord. Studio Violina brings to you some of his touching devotional songs.

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