Studio Violina

Studio Violina is a professional audio recording, mixing, mastering and film dubbing studio in Kolkata, India. It also looks after the post production of your product and Studio Violina has launch a Digital Platform for artist welfare. We took the first step in the world of music in 2007. Starting from Zero we are working with hundreds of talented singers and musicians. The Studio Violina Digital Platform was launched in June 2014.

Studio Violina is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal (The Land of Music and Art) India. Everybody related to Studio Violina is mostly a Musician or a Singer or an Artist. We encourage and inspire NEW TALENTS. Our aim is to provide new and old Song, Music, Drama, Dance drama, Poem, Story, Movie and many at your reach in just one click. Buying Song, Music and Others from Studio Violina is just like buying directly from the Artist or Product Owner. when you purchase any kind of Audio/ Video from Studio Violina Software, you just do not take a piece of music or art with you but you provide your support to the Musician or the Artist and their ability to record and perform further. The amount you spend in purchasing from Studio Violina Software goes in the hands of the Artists or Product Owners themselves.

Find new and old song, music, Drama, Dance drama, Poem, Story, Movie and many more of our World. We help you make your own album or record your own songs and music. We provide excellent design and good package for your Cd or Dvd with your budget. Support independent musicians who have made their own place without any major label. Value/Price in Studio Violina Website is set in advice with the artists themselves. Just pay a nominal amount to purchase Song or Music or Drama or Dance drama or poems or story or Movie etc. of your choice by downloading from Studio Violina Software and your payment will reach to the artist account (Excluding of our minimum charges).

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