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Studio Violina has conceptualized the Writer Gallery, especially for the aspiring writers who are genuinely a store-house of talent and yet don’t get the platform to present their work. Basically Studio Violina is one of the best professional audio recording, mixing and mastering studio in Kolkata, India. We are not only trying to bring a change in the movie & music world, we are also trying to provide equal opportunities for artists in different field of work. The Writer Gallery is one such initiative of Studio Violina, with an aim to provide the writers with an opportunity to make money online. Every writer associated with Studio Violina’s Writer Gallery must provide their Image to Studio Violina along with a Biography of minimum 250-300 words. The other necessary details are:-
1. Gmail Account : No. 1.
2. Domain Name : yourname.com / yourname.in / any others choice.
3. Good Image : 25 Jpeg pcs.
4. Biography : Minimum 300 words.
5. Books & Media :- List of Books & Paper Media cutting pieces.
6. Audio Book Gallery : Maximum 10 pcs. Short Story (Mp3).
7. video Gallery : Maximum 5 pcs. Story (Mp4) or (youtube link).
8. Download Gallery : To join this gallery, minimum one (1) to maximum five (5) files* can be uploadad, each file (audio/video) maximum duration of thirteen (13) to fifteen (15) minutes or a total duration of sixty five (65) to seventy five (75) minutes (max.). To upload more than 5 files*, the Merchant must pay the charges of extra files to Studio Violina. Per file uploading charges Rs. 500/- (Five hundred only).
*Per File Description :
8.1. Promo Video (mp4) only 2 minutes.
8.2. Audio Book (mp3).
8.3. Pdf File (Full Story).
8.4. Per File Value/Price Rs. ——- ? USD $. ———-?
9. Viewers Profit Page Provide By The Studio Violina.
10. Contact : Permanent Address and Mobile Number.
The Writer Gallery will not only provide the writer with an opportunity to earn revenue and fame worldwide but it will also provide the viewers or the readers with an opportunity to earn money online.

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