Production House Gallery

Studio Violina brings to you the Production House Gallery to help you reach the world platform, to showcase your work. Basically, Studio Violina is one of the best professional audio recording, mixing and mastering studio based on Kolkata, India. We have conceptualized and its galleries to promote real talent worldwide and help the Artist/Production House to turn their talent in to revenue. The Production Gallery gives a platform to the Production Houses associated with us to monetize and promote their work internationally and make money online. It can include either audio, video or movies or all the 3 items in the individual audio, video and movie gallery. A Production House must provide their Biography of minimum 250 words along with the following details:-
The Merchant under the Studio Violina will have two website. e.g. 1st will be the and 2nd will be the To add the next products only the 2nd website willbe made. i.e.

1. Gmail Account : No. 1 (one).
2. Domain Name :
2.1. /
2.2. /
3. Good Image : 20 pcs. Jpeg Image (Organization /
Album / Film / Production House).
4. Biography of Organization : Minimum 200 words.
5. Event & Media :- Details of event organise by co. & paper or tv media.
6. Audio Gallery :- different type of mp3 songs under company copyright.
7. Video Gallery :- different type of songs or other materils under company copyright of youtube link.
8. Album Gallery :- Link Like a per album.
9. Movie Gallery :- Link Like a per movie.
10. Viewers Profit Page Provide By The Studio Violina.
11. Contact : Production House Address and Mobile Number.
Studio Violina has not only extended its suport for every artist or media Production House with a hope to help the artist and Production House to earn money online but also provides the same opportunity for our viewers. To know more, check our Viewer’s Profit.

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