NGO Gallery

Studio Violina brings to you the NGO Gallery with a hope to support the NGO’s to promote their work on a world platform. Studio Violina is basically one of the best professional audio recording, mixing and mastering studio in Kolkata, India. The NGO Gallery gives a platform to the NGOs associated with us to monetize and promote their work internationally and make money online for charity. It can include either audio, video or movies or all of the 3 items in the individual audio, video and movie gallery. The The NGO’s must provide the following details to join this gallery:-

1. Biography of 250 words

2. Official Image/ Logo of the NGO for the personal domain.

3. Audio Files in MP3 format for monetization under Audio Gallery.

4. Video File in MP4 format for monetization under Video Gallery.

5. Images of events, shows & other entertainment programs conducted by the NGo for promotional purposes.

6. Youtube Link of audio/video of the NGO (If Available).

7.Newspaper Cutting or Media Review about the NGO & their work (If Available), for promotional purpose.

8. Download value of each file.

9. Details of the artists performing for the NGO in any audio/video/program.

10. Contact details of the NGO – Address, Contact No. & Email Id.

Studio Violina has not only extended its support for every artist or media organization with a hope to help the Artists, the Production Houses and the NGOs to earn money online, but also provides the same opportunity for our viewers. To know more, check our Viewer’s Profit.