Picasso Entertainment

Picasso Entertainment was established with the aim of promoting and building a platform for young and talented musicians in their respective genres. The CEO of the company needs no introduction as she is herself a wonderful singer who has won uncountable hearts with her soulful singing. She is none other than the very talented and renowned Rabindra Sangeet singer Ms. Srabani Sen. Her passion towards music has what made Picasso Entertainment sincerely committed to deliver wonderful music of supremely talented musicians to the audience. The other Directors of the company are Mrs. Santa Dutta, Mr. Subham Dutta and Mr. Shilaz Dutta, who have always believed in young talents and have tried to provide opportunities to such talented musicians, beside working with established singers of the industry for years. Picasso Entertainment also organises musical events and entertaining shows of remarkable standards. Recently it was nominated in the Mirchi Music Awards for the Rabindra Sangeet Album ‘Belar Sheshe’ of Ms. Srabani Sen. Though it was established just a few years back, Picasso Entertainment has acquired popularity and love from thousands of well wishers for its commitment towards promoting real music and it promises to deliver the best of music for years to come. Picasso Entertainment promotes buying original music and killing piracy.

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