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1. Gmail Account : Only 1 account can be registered with us.
2. Domain Name : / / any others choice.
3. Image : 25 Jpeg Images.
4. Biography : Minimum 300 words.
5.1. Podcast : Self Upload (Personal Login Page Provided by Studio Violina). (OR)
5.2. Performance & Media : Last performance list & Image and paper media cutting pieces(if available).
6. Audio Gallery : Maximum 40 Mp3 files.
7.1. Video Gallery : Maximum 15 Mp4 file. (Or)
7.2.Other : YouTube link (if available).
8.1 Download Gallery : To join this gallery –
a) Minimum one (1) to maximum ten (10) files can be uploaded.
b) Maximum duration of each file (audio/video) six (6) – seven  (7) minutes or a total duration of seventy sixty (60) –  seventy (70) minutes.
c) To upload more than 10 files, the Merchant must pay a nominal charge for the extra files to Studio Violina.
8.2. Per File Description : a) Full Video File (Mp4).
b) Full Audio File (Mp3).
c) Full Music Track File (Mp3)
d) Pdf File : i) Lyric
ii) Lyric Notation.
iii) Music Notation.
iv) Musicians & Technicians Name.
v) Story of Song.
vi) Per file value/price in Indian Rupee & US Dollar for download purpose.
9. Contact : Permanent Address and Telephone/Mobile Number. (Confidential, only for Official Use)

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