Theater/Drama Group Gallery

1. Gmail Account : Only 1 account can be registered with us.
2. Domain Name : / / any others choice.
3. Image : 25 Jpeg Images.
4. Biography/Synopsis of Drama Group : Minimum 300 words.
5. Performance & Media : Last performance list & Image AND paper media cutting pieces.
6. Audio Gallery : Full Audio File of the Drama in Mp3 Format.
7.1. Video Gallery : Full Video File of the Drama in Mp4 Format.
7.2. Others : YouTube Link of the Drama or the Drama Group.
8.1. Download Gallery : To join this gallery – Minimum sixty to seventy minutes maximum files can be uploaded.
8.2. Per File Description : a) Full Video File (Mp4).
b) Full Audio File (Mp3).
c) Pdf File – i) Story/ Act
ii) Details of the writer/director
iii) Details of music & musicians (if available)
iv) Per file value/price in Indian Rupee & US Dollar for download purpose.

9. Contact : Permanent Address and Telephone/Mobile Number. (Confidential, only for Official Use)